Kamal Thapa demands fair probe into Shreeniwas shooting case


File: Kamal Thapa

Kathmandu, May 8

Rastriya Prajatanta Party Chairman Kamal Thapa has demanded that the government independently investigate into a shooting attack on Acharya Shreeniwas, a Biratnagar-based Hindu religious leader.

Thapa, who had earlier extended his sympathy on Shreeniwas, made the recent comment after police claimed that the religious leader orchestrated his own shooting with mala fide intent.

“If the police investigation till date is true, and if Acharya Shreeniwas orchestrated his own shooting, I strongly condemn such act,” said Thapa on Twitter.

Police on Monday arrested Shreeniwas for orchestrating his own shooting. The leader was reportedly shot at by an unidentified group in Morang district on April 8 while he was out to answer nature’s call. The bullet had passed through his right chest.

Police had arrested four persons in connection with the case. However, during investigation, it was found that he himself planned and mobilised them for shooting.

Earlier, police had suspected involvement of Mongol National Organisation, an underground outfit, in the attack as some fliers published by the organisation were found near the incident site.

After the incident, the RPP Chair had visited the Hindu spiritual leader at the hospital after the incident and extended his support to the latter.