Appoint ministers based on merits, not on party quotas, Pakatan told


PETALING JAYA: Prospective ministers in Pakatan Harapan’s new Cabinet line-up must be appointed based on merits, and not on party quotas, says Centre for a Better Tomorrow (Cenbet).  

“It is imperative that the new administration makes appointments based on merits, not political considerations, such as party quota.  

“Merit-based appointments are part of good governance which we advocate,” said the non-governmental organisation in a statement on Saturday (May 12).  

Cenbet emphasised that appointed ministers must be honest, trustworthy, beyond reproach and have an impeccable track-record.  

It pointed out that moderation and good governance are twin foundations which Malaysia is built on.  

“Whether as ministers, senior bureaucrats, or heads of government-linked companies (GLCs), these people are holders of public trust and should not treat the appointments as vehicles for personal interest.  

“This is to ensure professionalism in public service and GLCs,” Cenbet said.  

Cenbet also proposed to Pakatan to make the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) an independent body which is answerable to Parliament.  

“The new government needs to live up to public expectations of a clean and efficient administration.”  

On moderation, Cenbet said the new Pakatan government must not tolerate any attempts to stoke divisive racial and religious sentiments for political motives.  

“For far too long, agent provocateurs had been creating rifts in our society with impunity.  

“The government should immediately rein in, and if necessary throw the book at any individuals or groups out to unravel the fabric of this plural society, even if they are part of the ruling coalition.”  

Failure to ensure accountability, good governance and moderation, Cenbet said the new government would suffer the same fate as its predecessor, Barisan Nasional.