In 2018, the control of two thousand Palestinian Israelis


Ramahalah, 4th May. According to a report released by the Prisoners' Club (PPC), a group of Palestinian prisoners working for the rights of prisoners in Israeli prisons, said in a statement that about 20,000 Palestinians were under control over the border dispute with Israel in 2018. Since the beginning of the year, 36 9 hair now A total of 928 fishermen including girls and 36 women have been kept at Israeli security encounters. “

According to the report, the establishment of Israel has been arrested by Israeli authorities since about 1448 in the year 1948. The Palestinian people have been taking the day of free Independence of Israel on the day of Nakwa Day. [19659004] After independence, thousands of landlords have left their land far away, and have been displaced by displaced lives in eastern Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza region. [19659004] In Israel About 350 people including 350 children, 65 women and six MPs, a citizen It is mentioned in the report that is being released by the Life. [19659004] According to the information given by the prison, 48 people have been living in prison for more than twenty years, 25 years and 12 for a period of 25 years. [19659004] In this case, 700 prisoners in prison are suffering from long-term and regular medicines. 26 of them have seen cancer problems.

The Pilates announced the National Council of Nationalis In 1 9 74 days in prison on April 17 to celebrate the day as the release of prisoners, for all the Council has said that the movement has. Rasas