Taka Wiscett Jatra in five photographs


Kathmandu. Today, on the important day of Taka Wiscetta Jatra, different goddesses have been bathed in Narayan Pokri. There is a tendency to bathe in Goddesses before returning to their place. [19659002] Wiscetta Jatra of Tokha, considered the oldest Jatra of Kathmandu valley has its own historical significance. Devraj Donglong, coordinator of the Fair Management Committee, said that the match of the festival was held in Wiscett Jatra with a total of 200,000 pilgrims on Monday.

Specially formed Ganesh, Kumari, Sapant Sahth, Mankanali and Chandeshwari were given to Goddess Narayanpakhari on Monday. The devotees were stuck to see the bathing, and people were Goddess from the house Full bath and Koteshwor had offered to fly laijada.

ancient tribute majestic city is considered the historic city Tokha. Here every activist has been actively engaged in the locality and quickly. On Tuesday, the last day of the Wiscetta Jatra has a tendency to conquer Goddesses in their place. [19659002] To see Jatra and see goddess god, the army chief Rajendra Saghei, along with the top leaders of Nepali political parties, had reached Topa.