US $ 1.5 billion will be invested


An American investment company has printed a daily magazine of Rs 5 billion in Nepal daily. Sky power global company under the CIM group of the US has proposed to invest in solar energy. [19659002] Umermaman has said to the new magazine, 'Sky Power has proposed to invest 6 billion MW by 3 billion rupees within 3 to 4 years. We have committed to invest their investment proposal in a positive manner and have been committed to accept investment through fast track. “

Madhumumar Marasini, a US Ambassador of America, had coordinated and facilitated investing in Sky Power Global Limited to invest in Nepal. [19659002] Sky Power Global Authority, Chief Business Authorized Officer Charles Cohen's leadership team and Umer Wazir Samana in talks again on Thursday led a meeting about issues, noted that investment.

has written a new magazine, “Sky Power Global, a 2 MW per year in 3 years and 6 MW of electricity produced by the proposal, Pun said. From the investment through the Green Zant Power Nepal, the solar power project will not only be operational in Nepal, but the factory producing solar panels will also be established.