Auction scandal of 61 million in land purchase of land


29th April, Kathmandu. Nepal Oil Corporation Limited has opened a new bridge of irregularities. The corporation has only lost the state's land worth Rs. 61 million 34 lakh in the land of land. [19659002] The Oil Corporation paid four times the cost of buying the land. Some land is also not possible to store dams and petroleum storage. In the study of parliamentary committees, irregularities were seen in the land purchase process. [19659002] The big report has brought out another fact that the loss of millions of rupees in the land purchase has been brought out. [19659002] The corporation contracted 9/1 Bgha through the letter on Mechi Nagar of Charpa, Harpur of Sarlahi, Lodher of Chilvan and Rupandehhi. The land was compromised. The report said in the report that 75 bigha of 8 difficulty landed by the bidders, they were accidentally shifted to the Nepalese corporation corporation by registering a registration fee for the taxable income tax. [19659002] 'Land acquired the land and took an additional $ 9.35 million Due to the work of the bidders, they should pay the income tax due to their business According to the report, “The report of the Supreme Court,” said the report, “As per the report of the Supreme Court, the income tax, according to Article 356 of the Income Tax Act, 2058, should be declared free of cost, worth Rs. 61.47 million.” [19659002] Competition to compete with the corporation The person receiving the payment from the person to the Oil Corporation should pass the land registration and pay the payment. It has been arranged to get access. Due to the absence of the business capital, the assets of the natural person and taxpayers have been kept in place due to the lack of capitalism, and there is a great deal of tax deficit due to the lack of capital profits. [19659002] The Corporation has not purchased land from the respective land but the land has been purchased from the landlord and the payment of that payment In that case, that business was the business business Halakhha is located. [19659002] The study of the land purchase of the Oil Corporation, while the taxpayers have not been able to buy the land in the same name and did not sell the Nepal Oil Corporation, and it has been constituted to minimize the liability by showing the sale of the farmers. [19659002] Private landlords are permanently permanent. Accounting number has not been shown even though the tax has not yet been submitted, the income statement has not been submitted and it has also been reduced to the payment tax. Reported on “All the incidents seem to be arranged for tax exemption,” said Mahalekha. [19659002] An amount of Rs 6.66 million has been received from the corporation at the office of office in the office of office, and the amount of expenditure incurred by the Kotti office was not paid and the government's minimum value of 61 million According to the General Secretary, the provision of tax exemption according to Section 35 of Income Tax Act, on remaining 75 lakhs. [19659002] The capital is expected to be Rs. 43 million and Rs. 43 million to be cut by capital benefit, which will be registered at Rs. 47 million to 35 per cent tax, and the tax should be fixed with fee.

The construction of depot in Rupandehi of Rupanahi For purpose, land dealers of Maiyu-8, Udaipur, after contracting the sale of purchases for sale. According to the other five businessmen, in the period of 17th Jan, 2074 to 29th September, 20 purchased 8 Bigha 18 Caste 8 Districts in various land with a total of Rs. 46.4 million, and the other six businessmen purchased 3 bgha 16 hard land 6 million 34 lakhs through the fourth businessman. It has been sold. [19659002] Five and sixth businessmen in this regard did not provide details related to the payment of money through the bank. However, the Accountant Office has stayed in Rupandehi for the purpose of determining the cost of Rs 7.23 million by cutting capital expenditure on capital basis and for the purpose of the purpose. [19659002] Taxpayer who sells 3 land from Kharhani, Chitwan, will provide land to Nepal Oil Corporation. A businessman from Rolpa bought a land from different land from February 2073 to Asar 2074 It is a great deal that the business is seen and the nature of such nature, but the plan for liberation is determined by determining the cost of spending. [19659002] There is an increase in the cost of the government, for the purpose of cutting down the minimum evaluation for tax purposes, The Mahabakhata has to be determined.